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Parents your kid(s) are now in hockey, have you thought “How can I help?”  Here is the information that you need.


Midstate Youth Hockey Association is a Volunteer based organization.  We are always looking for help, either with your Kids teams or just around the rink.  Since this is a Kids/Young Adult Organization, we need to take steps to make sure everyone understands the policies, the main on being that USA Hockey mandates that all of our volunteers do three things.


  1. You must obtain a USA Hockey membership number.  Since you are considering being a Manager or a Volunteer and not be on the ice, this membership with USAH is a free membership.   USA Hockey Registration
  2. You must also go through a SafeSport Program.  This program is also free, and goes through different situations and how to address them.  SafeSport Registration
  3. You must have a background check done.  Please do not think this is an invasion of privacy, but more of an insurance that all parents working with all of our kids have been cleared to be around the kids.  There is a minimal cost associated with this check.  Background Check Registration


If you are interested in being a Manager, then once your kid(s) have been placed on teams ask your Head Coach about it.   Or feel free to email  for more info or if you have questions.


If you are interested in just being  a Volunteer, either helping getting kids dressed in the locker rooms (mite level only) or around the rink during practices and tournaments, please let us know.  Our hope is that we can have people to help with other teams games so the parents of the games being played, can actually watch their kid play.