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Coaching Documents REQUIRED to be on the ice!

1. Hockey Coaching Application.
2. Completion of USA hockey coaching clinic.  Mites need only a Level 1 (Ok even if expired). All other levels
need a non-expired coaching card.  You can get 1 higher level every year until level 5.
3. USA Hockey 
Membership Registration Confirmation for current year (Expires on Aug. 31 each year)
4. You will need to complete your 
age group modules (Ex. Mite, Squirt, etc.) by December 31 of the year you are coaching.
5. Completion of 
Safe Sport (Free - Online) training program: required of all coaches. 
6. Background Screen Before going on the ice or any player contact.  
Background Check Registration


Here is where you can find your CEP expiration:



Check your safe sport expiration:



If you are interested in being a Coach or if you have any questions about coaching, please contact